Partner FAQs

If we haven’t answered your query below, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would be delighted and happy to help.

Of course! Filling in our content submission questionnaire will help craft your Bio Page copy, ensuring it aligns with our tone of voice and audience personas. Although we have guidelines and structure for the copy, we’re always open to hearing ideas. More information, the better!
There are a number of factors that can affect live online and in-person speaking engagements. We are looking to work with companies and the speakers to build an opportunity bespoke to their requirements and objectives. This will be managed collaboratively between all three parties.
All content is accepted and welcomed – past and present. Every piece of content that is submitted needs to align with our brand ethos, tone of voice and audience persona. The more content and resources you provide for our BiblioSpace platform, the more exposure you’ll receive to our audience. Fresh content new and old thrives on the platform and always remains a high priority by the algorithm.
Absolutely! We welcome content from all authors. Initially, we need to ensure that the content aligns with our tone of voice, audience personas and platform vision. Children’s book authors and content would be applicable for both of our audiences. Children’s book authors have a large prevalence in the university – helping parents and carers navigate mental health challenges at home, in the university and beyond.
If your content, ideas or expertise don’t align with the topics and categories we’ve outlined in our post-webinar questionnaire, don’t worry. We’re keen to create additional sub-topics and categories. We want to ensure we’re creating content and covering a diverse range of conditions and pain points for our audience personas.
Yes, wherever you’re located, we have opportunities in all locations. Everything we offer in the UK will be mirrored in the U.S. This includes opportunities on BiblioSpace and speaking opportunities. The only variation will be the topics and awareness days we provide content for – these are destination specific.
Sure! This isn’t a concern. We want to elevate your personal brand and expand your reach. We want to support and partner with you to deliver mental health change on campus, in the university, throughout BiblioSpace and beyond.
They’ll be clear calls to action on BiblioSpace to highlight books that support the various campaigns and themes that are running throughout the year. They will also appear organically throughout the platform. As we’re working with companies and universities, these sales are likely to be bulk book sales rather than single copies.
Although the free webinars will not be paid opportunities, the bespoke workshops and talks will be paid opportunities. We will give you an insight into the challenges encountered in the organisation or on campus, so you can tailor your talk and draw on your own lived experience or expert advice.
Each event and webinar we organise is bespoke, and we will work with the author, the organisation’s budget, objectives and event type to determine prices. We’ll always be transparent throughout this entire process.
Great news! All ideas are welcome. We align our free webinars with our 12-month-themed calendar. Any ideas outside this we would love to hear. If you haven’t submitted your ideas to our post-webinar questionnaire, please get in touch with any member of the team. We look forward to hearing from you.
We love this! Please fill in the questionnaire first, and if you have any other pieces of content to share, please send them to [email protected] – these will be checked against our buyer persona and tone of voice documents. We always ensure your content serves a purpose, creates an impact and provides real benefit for our audience.
We love ideas, and encourage anyone interested to lead with their vision first. We do have a full 12-month calendar outlined and themed awareness days to provide inspiration and direction. If your ideas deviate from this, please submit them regardless – we’re keen to provide exclusive pieces of content specifically for our target audience.
Of course! If you’ve already written articles, created downloads, or have videos you want to share – we’ll promote them on BiblioSpace. We need to ensure they align with our tone of voice and audience personas first. We welcome all content – short-form and long-form.
With the monthly webinars you’ll be part of a panel. We have found the most value in having two experts to answer questions and a member of the TriggerHub team acting as host.
Of course. We keep the content in alignment with our tone of voice and audience persona documents. This keeps things consistent across the platform and ensures we’re providing solutions and impactful resources for our audience(s).
Please fill in the questionnaire and submit it. Jess will follow up with the next steps and any other information that’s required at this stage. Jess looks forward to hearing from you soon.
We have an exciting plan in place for next year, and we already have some speakers booked for early 2023. However, if you are interested in any of our topics outlined for the 12-month calendar, please get in touch and fill out our content submission questionnaire.