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Your login information will be sent to you once you have been added to PartnerHub as a user. If you don’t receive your login details via email, please contact [email protected]
No, PartnerHub only allows for one login per person. If you do want to show colleagues the PartnerHub platform, get them to sign up for a free demo here: https://triggerhub.com/demo
Contact your account manager, complete the help form, or email [email protected]
We recommend that you use a desktop device only to use PartnerHub, including a laptop or computer.
Your subscription end date can be found in the “My Account” area, your quote/invoice, or by contacting your account manager.
Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and any other Chromium-based browser.
Your name, email address, and organization as well as analytical data like IP Address, User Agent, usage behavior (not exhaustive). You can find out more in our policies: https://www.triggerhub.org/policies.
Yes. You may request immediate and permanent deletion of your data at any time by contacting your account manager or by emailing [email protected]. You can find out more in our policies: https://www.triggerhub.org/policies.
We have created a User Guide that walks you through the entire platform, from sign-up to showing you all the different steps and functionalities. It’s visual and demonstrates different ways to navigate the portal. You can access this via the “My Account” area of the platform.
You can access our roster of speakers on the “Voices” page. You can book them for speaking events, inquire about their books, and find specific speakers on an array of different topics. The “Voices” page includes lived experience authors, mental health advocates, and industry-leading experts.
Under several of our different resources, you will find a section dedicated to “Featured Books”. To bulk purchase multiple books and inquire about trade discounts, click the “Bulk Buy” button, fill out the form, and one of our TriggerHub team members will be in touch shortly to follow up on your query.